Pastor's Corner

From Pastor Charlie: Good Morning Church Family. Praying you all have a blessed and wonderful day in the Lord. In the Gospel of John 14:6 Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me. There are many religions that teach love, respect, and compassion for one another, this is wonderful. Jesus taught this. But these qualities without the acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior sadly count for nothing. In a conversation the other day a person said to me, we all serve the same God regardless of your religion because God is love. Yes, Our God is love, but love doesn’t mean Salvation. The belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Son of God is the only way to the one true God. There are many false gods, but only One True God.John 17:3; 1 Corinthians 8:4-6. Ephesians 4:6. Matthew 24:23-24. Love y’all. ❤️


Good Morning My Church Family. Pray you all are doing well this morning. God is awesome. He is always watching over His children. Yesterday while I was in pre-op waiting to be taken back to have my procedure done, there was a man in the holding area next to mine. Only a curtain separated us. He sounded old and he had many health concerns. When they asked him to repeat his birthday he said 1958. I thought I’m 12 years older than him. Then I realized how blessed I am with my health. I may have a few little ailments here and there but I’m truly blessed. For me, the positives are so much more than the negatives. Proverbs 16:24; 17: 22. God’s Word will always sustain us . It’s good Medicine to our soul. Psalm 1:1-6. May you day be blessed and full of the joy of the Lord. Love y’all. ❤️


Good Morning My Church Family. Top of the morning to you all as the old Irish [☘️] person would say. I’m part Irish on my mothers side. In fact, I’m a Heinz 57. I’m a mixture of a lot of different nationalities. Italian, Irish, German, American Indian, and probably more. I’m one thing for sure, my bloodline runs deep in the family of Jesus Christ. All life leads back to the lineage of God. God said we were made in God’s image. Genesis 1:26-27. Ephesians 1:11-14 says in Him we have obtained an inheritance , having been predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will, “ The verses goes on to say we have been sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise, a guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession to the praise of His glory. Read these verses, and be so thankful for who we are in Christ and what He has done for each of us. Can we give Him Praise and Glorify His name this Morning!!! Love y’all. ❤️


Good Morning Church Family . Pray your up and ready for this beautiful day. Marty and I are up fixing to head out to a celebration of Life for Mrs. Betsy Williams. Betsy lived a long life here on this earth. She left this world leaving memories of the wonderful Christian she was. She touched many lives. My prayer is one day when it’s my time to leave here and return to my heavenly home, I have left memories to others of how much I loved my Lord and Savior. That I didn’t just talk about Christ, but I did my very best to live as Christ has called me to do. Psalm 112:1-3. My prayer is that we all have left a godly impact on this world when we are called home. That we have done what God has commanded us to do Matthew 28:18-20. Love y’all. Have a Blessed Day. Pastor Charlie ❤️


Good Morning My Church Family. It’s a beautiful day outside and another day to be thankful for the many blessings sent our way from the Lord. Spent the day in my shop working. I love my shop. It’s a place that helps clear my mind of the hustle and bustle of a busy life. What was even better, one of my best buddies had come over and joined Marty and me in the shop working on a project. It really made my day. It’s great when you have friends you feel so comfortable around. We actually learned a thing or two yesterday that we didn’t know as we worked together on the project. I thought about how great it is that God puts special people in our lives. I know each of you have special people in your lives. Cherish them as gifts from God that help brighten your days. Psalm 133:1 “Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity.” Thank the Lord today for being your best and closest friend. Proverbs 18:24. Love Y’all Pastor Charlie ❤️  Have a blessed day.


Good Morning Church Family. Praying you all are doing well this morning. Got up this morning looking for my favorite old pair of jeans and one of my Magellan shirts. Their so comfortable. My old shirt is full of wrinkles when I put it on. But as the day progresses the wrinkles fade away. That pair of jeans and shirt reminded me of my relationship with the Lord. I find comfort and peace in Him knowing I’m clothed in His righteousness. I find peace and comfort knowing I have a loving relationship with my Heavenly Father. I find Comfort knowing He is always with me . I pray each of you find peace and comfort in our Lord. Prayer starts my day. Without it I cannot find that special peace. Prayer reminds me of my belt in my jeans, it keeps my jeans up. Without it everything falls apart. Colosians 2:6-7.
Love y’all [❤️]

Good Morning My Church Family.

Pray you all are doing well this wonderful day. I was in prayer (conversation) with our Heavenly Father this morning and He reminded me of some Scripture found in Matthew 18: 21-22. I needed to hear these words again. I feel so unworthy to be called as I have to shepherd. I’m often asked to pray for people who are in sin. Many times their sin is a sin I had committed in my past life. I’m reminded of that often by Satan saying you hypocrite your the same old person you always were. But the Lord reminds me, the old man is dead and I have been bought by the blood of Jesus. Romans 3:23-24. We all are sinners saved by grace and God’s mercy. Jesus said in John 8:7. He that is without sin cast the first stone. We need not be casting stones, but learn to forgive as Jesus reminded me this morning. I’ll leave you with this verse Matthew 7:1-5. It talks about judgment. Love you all. ❤️   4-20-24


This is a long request and from the heart. Prayer Warriors your prayers are desperately needed . Please take a moment to look around you today. What do you see? A lot of clergy and faithful Christian people standing in the Gap (Ezekiel 22:30) for God are being attacked in these last days by the enemy. The wall spoken of in my Bible is not made of stone but by faithful people united in their efforts to resist evil . Some need to search their hearts, they are needing total spiritual reconstruction. "Self is the Enemy." These are the people who have forgotten who they are in Christ and are supposed to be glorifying  Christ and serving Him. These people are using religion as a whitewash to cover their sin. They need to repent and apply the principles of God's Word in their lives.Then they can join in standing in the gap with faithful others and make a difference for God in this world. Unity
 in Christ Jesus is the answer. Please join me in praying for these lost, and backslidden souls. Christ is coming back soon. Let's continue in our calling till He arrives.  1-6-24

This is on my heart and I need to share it. Matthew 7:21-23.
Pastors. Evangelist, Ministry leaders and teachers, please teach the truth, the true Word of God. Not some watered down version that doesn’t do more than tickle ears. Seek God at all times. Quit worrying about offending people because they may not want the hear the truth and leave.Teach and preach the truth with compassion because you love them and don’t want to see them go to hell. The absence of truth is a lie. The absence of good is evil. The absence of light is darkness. Unfortunately many churches are breeding grounds for hate, jealousy and resentment because the truth isn’t being preached. People don’t fear God’s judgement, they just want to be His buddy and live a lie. People need the truth regardless of how it makes them feel. The Word isn’t a pacifier. It is our daily bread and meat we mature and live on. Don’t be afraid to teach the Book of Revelation. Many preachers run the other way, worried someone may be offended if it’s taught. God doesn’t want lukewarm believers. He wants true believers that are on fire for Christ. One day you will stand before God. The Word says you as ministers will be held accountable for the sheep you shepherd. I may be liked, disliked or hated, but I will never disrespect God or the True Word to please others. God will always support truth and the men and women who live it daily. Time is short, many need to search their hearts. If this offends you, I ask that you search your heart. Be Ready for Christ return.


What would be the best Christmas gift you could receive? We often think of material things. I have even said I would like for the Church to have a Church Van. But there are more precious gifts. The best gift I have already received,lt was and is Salvation. But I long yet for another gift for the world. But God told me to have this wonderful gift it would take a lot of soul searching and service on my part. What’s that wonderful gift. “World peace”. It can only happen through the Unity in Christ not in self. I watched something this last week that truly impacted my life and heart. I’ m going to share a story from a pastor that received such a strong message from God. I pray his message and what God is currently placing on my heart to share this Sunday will have an importance impact on every Christians life that will listen. Join us this Sunday at 9:45 am for Adult Bible Study. 11am Sunday morning worship. Childrens and youth church at 11 am. Nursery available for children under 5 . Big Creek Cowboy Church. 1391 N. Butch Arthur Rd. Coldspring, Texas.
Pastor Charlie Lombardino 12-8-23

I’m not a preacher who plans sermons weeks or months in advance. I’m prompted to by God. In saying this I keep my eyes, ears and heart open to receive from Him everyday. God puts a message before us everyday. It is up to us to receive this wonderful message from Him . Sometimes it’s a message of beauty, sometimes reassurance, sometimes strength, knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes a warning, all mixed in only a way God uses to touch our hearts and need. His Word preached always with the true Word, not watered down or tickling an ear message but always with compassion and love. God placed the Book of Ecclesiastes on my heart this week. What a great book to learn from. A strong message in that book. I’ll be preaching from it Sunday morning and invite you to come out and join us in a wonderful experience at Big Creek Cowboy Church in the Sam Houston National Forest Coldspring Texas. God has blessed us beyond measure with a wonderful church family and beautiful surroundings. We continue to grow and we are adding on to our Church. We are building a new fellowship building for all kind of activities. What a blessing that God has provide an excellent opportunity for more growth. Our weekly schedules are Sunday 9:10 am to 9:40 am coffee, donuts and fellowship. 9:40 Adult Sunday School. 11 am morning worship and children, youth and teen Sunday school. Wednesday even 6:30 pm Adult Bible class. Youth night will be starting in the coming year. Look forward to seeing you here.
Pastor Charlie Lombardino - 11-30-23
Give it to God. There is a wonderful story about the “ Give it to God Jar.” I recently read a book about special needs people. It was such a wonderful and inspiring book about special needs folks and how they fit into society. I can relate to the stories because I have been personally blessed with an older brother that was special needs all his life, and lived to the age of 77. We have been so blessed to also have a great granddaughter that is Special needs, blind and artistic. Special needs people are not burdens but a God sent I believe. For us, they have brought true love and happiness in our family. Even though they may not be able to function in a normal world ( I still haven’t understood the true meaning of normal) they live in a simple world of real love and contentment more so than many people. They are able to let things go and forgive and forget. We can learn a lot from these special people if we would take the time to understand and involve ourselves with them . In the book I read it was about a special care center for special needs . There were many stories of the residents that lived there. Most everyone loved it there because they felt loved and needed in that special society. They wanted to belong and have purpose. I could go on and on about the book I read, but there is one special reason for this message for all of us to understand. One of the residents there asked to talk with the center’s administrator one day.. The resident discussed about something that really was bothering her. What the administrator told her was so true. Something that we seem to forget in our daily lives as Christians . The administrator listened to the resident and prayed with her . Then she opened a large jar on her desk after writing down the residents need and placed it in the jar. The administrator told the special needs resident “ here we have given your need to God.”!there is no need to worry anymore about that need because now it has been handed over to God. Can we learn something from this story. Hand our concerns over to God. He will never leave you alone. He knows our every need before we even ask. Trust Him, learn from Him. Do not worry about tomorrow. Matthew 6:25.34
 Charlie Lombardino  8-28-23


Sharing a verse the Lord gave me this morning ....
I believe we all need to read Isaiah 57:1-2 - "The righteous perishes, and no man takes it to heart; merciful men are taken away, while no one considers that the righteous is taken away from evil. He shall enter into peace; they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness." NKJV
Sometimes we question God about death in some circumstances. This verse is comforting to me. I want to share it with you. Pastor Charlie Lombardino 7-31-23


Hey Folks, God placed this Scripture on my heart Romans 12:3-8  for today. Don’t think to highly of yourselves. God has given us all a measure of faith. When we get self out of the way, we can do so much more for God. I’m not Billy Graham but I have a measure God has given me to use wisely. Quit worrying about what someone else’s measure is and work on improving on our own. My mission today is to reach out and help someone needing help. God has already placed that person in front of me this morning. Another brother and I are headed their way. Praise God, for His wonderful strength and love. Y’all have a wonderful day in the Lord!
Pastor Charlie Lombardino 3-6-23


Hebrews 6:10-12 "For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown towards His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister."   Ministering comes in many forms. If we make it a point in our lives without grumbling or drawing attention to ourselves, but in joy and love helping others in need then God will take notice of our kindly deeds. Helping one another is one of the best ways to exercise our faith and our walk with Christ. It is wonderful and in love that others see your actions and add a blessing by acknowledging your servitude in Christ. This is just another reason for loving my church family even more.

Pastor Charlie Lombardino


I Love this verse and wanted to share.. This is what God's love is all about. If God's Church will do this there will be a wonderful and great move of evangelism in the world. God is Love and desires unity within the body of Christ. Ephesians 4:1-6. "I therefore the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called, with all lowliness and gentleness, with long suffering, bearing with one another in love, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all who is above all, and through all, and in you."
Unity is the responsibility of each believer and is to be pursued earnestly. May God always be with us! We are all one family in unity, one body in Christ. Love y'all.

Pastor Charlie Lombardino



Good Morning my beautiful Church family and friends. This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. God loves you and is with you on the mountain tops and also in the valleys. Isn't it wonderful to know that we have such a wonderful Savior. Let's continue to lift up those we know that are going through difficulties in their lives. It may be all kinds of things, but we have a promise from our Lord that He is near and is with us through it all. Let's praise and give Him praise wherever we are. Proverbs 3:5-6. "Trust in the Lord will all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Let's ask the Lord today to guide us along this journey we are on.
Love you Folks
Have a blessed day!
Pastor Charlie Lombardino



Count your many blessings ... See what God has done!

Count your many blessings, one by one.  If you were to try and count your many blessings God has blessed you with, it would be impossible to count because there are so many. Many we take for granted. We are blessed to wake from our sleep and meet a new day full of the blessings of God. I’ll share just a few of the blessings I have received . I am blessed because of what my Heavenly Father has done for me. He sent His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ that we may know Him and understand what He did for each of us. Jesus came as our Savior, teacher,  and healer. He came to serve. He came to show us the way, the truth and the life He had to offer us. Yes, He offered us forgiveness, salvation and eternal life through Him with God. He forgave sinners like me. He loved us so much that He died for all our sins, that we could have life. He gave me a Comforter, the “Holy Spirit” that lives in me to be my Guiding Light through my journey on this earth. He has given me the desire to reach out and share the “ Good News of the Gospel “ to all that will hear it. He has given me so much to be thankful for. But the“Joy” He has left in my ❤️   is beyond any joy or happiness I have ever known. It is the assurance that God loves me beyond measure and my life is sealed through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior . You too can have this “Joy” if you ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. Ask for forgiveness, He will forgive. Repent, Jesus forgives all sin, regardless of where you are now, or where you have been. Turn from the old ways of life and find the “ New Life” through Jesus Christ. What an amazing way to start a New Year and a New Way of Life. Find you a good Bible teaching, preaching Church. Be as faithful as you can to attend. God calls us to fellowship with one another in Worship. That builds unity in Christ. Get involved in the Church. The Church are the people. In closing, my prayer for you is that you have a wonderful New Year in Christ Jesus.


Christmas is just around the corner. Let us not forget why we celebrate this special time. We celebrate the birth of our Lord Christ Jesus. (Emmanuel ) “God is with us”. We need to stop for a moment and let this sink in.
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life". John 3:16.
What a gift - Jesus Christ! And it didn’t stop there. We have the promise as believers of everlasting life, a never ending relationship with God. When God sent His Son this world was full of evil. Yes, evil people and evil ways, but God still loved us. So much so that He sent us a Savior. We need to slow down, find a quiet place and thank God for the most wonderful Gift anyone could ever receive - Jesus Chris!.
If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, ask Him to be your Lord today. He will never leave nor forsake you. He will always love you regardless of where you have been. He will give you a joy the world cannot duplicate. Happiness beyond measure. It is so easy - just ask Him into your life. He forgives, He restores, and He will love you will a love that passes all understanding. He stands waiting on you now with His arms opened wide to receive all who will come. Accept Him, then find you a good Bible teaching Church.
Our doors are open and you’re welcomed always here. We will help you grow in the Lord.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Pastor Charlie Lombardino


In Matthew 6:26-27, Jesus talks about "Worry".  The NKJV Bible says, "Can worry add one cubit to your stature?"  The NIV Bible says "Can worry add one single hour to your life?"  Worry is a terrible thing!  Worry can lead to bad health, poor decisions, broken hearts and ruined relationships ... even losing our trust in God.  Another word is "Concern", though it can be used in an entirely different way and meaning from "Worry".  Concern can be very positive!  Here is a positive example of a way to use "Concern" as a word of positive action.  I am concerned for them and I'm going to help in turning their worries into a positive outcome.  "Worry" doesn't solve anything, according to Scripture, but "Concern" can!  "Concern" for others can bring beautiful outcomes and lasting relationships.  Do you know someone going through a hardship or loss?  Maybe they have strayed from their relationship with God.  Your "Concerns" for them may be the key to bringing "Joy" to their lives.  Pray for them and ask God to help you encourage them, reassuring them that He is near and He loves them! - Pastor Charlie, November 19, 2022


Today is the day the Lord has made .... rejoice and be glad in it.  Put on that smiley face today, folks!  Someone is watching you who admires and looks up to you.  Let the light of Jesus shine through you.  God loves you and so do I!

November 19, 2022


Good Morning Believers in Jesus Christ!  Children of the "Most High God" ... God Loves You, and so do I.  Have

Have a blessed day in the Lord.  Share the Word (Jesus) with someone today.  Let your "Joy" shine today!

November 18, 2022 


November 9th will be our 11th year as a church fellowship.  I look back on all the days of growth in this church fellowship and thank God for all who have given so much of their time and love, making this fellowship what it is today.  We have been through many valleys and rested on the mountain tops.  Never once have we forgotten God, thanking Him through everything we have been through,  knowing  God was always with us through everything.  Some have been called into other ministries as they follow God's will for their lives.  I believe in Spiritual Doors ... God moves us as we grow from one door to another.  We never stop growing in the Lord as long as we are sincere in our obedience to follow and learn from Him.  #1 Patience  and #2 Obedience - these are the keys to serving God.  Patience in waiting on Him and staying in the Word.  God speaks to us through His Word.  Obedience is following His will and instructions.  God's will never will fail you!  He is always faithful.  In closing, I want you all to know God Loves You and so do we at Big Creek Cowboy Church.  God Bless you all!

October 22, 2022


God is so wonderful. I just love to watch Him operate in the Church. The Church are the People. This last year we have seen the Church grow in strength. People bring the gifts God has given them to use to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only in visible ways but also in invisible ways. God operates in both realms.
John 10:10 says the thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly. As you give yourself to God, God gives Himself totally to you. Jesus said that He came to give life in fullness. On the other hand, the devil the enemy comes to do everything possible to steal our joy and destroy our hopes. There are so many deceptions (Illusionist, Deceivers) in the world that twist Holy Scripture to suit their needs or lead others in the wrong direction as we read in Matthew 24:24. In 3 John 2 it says, "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers." "To be sound in body, in good health. Metaphorically this means to prosper in sound doctrine and the soundness in faith. I will be preaching on this subject this Sunday at 11 am. God Bless and have a day in the Lord. Remember, we cannot relive yesterday, but we can make a difference today sparing the Good News of Jesus Christ to others.

July 7, 2022

Good Friday is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. It is a day of remembrance of the passion Christ has shown for each of us. A day of great suffering and finally His death on the Cross. Christ's death wasn't in vain, instead it was a victory won on the cross. Death couldn't hold Jesus. We rejoice on Easter Sunday, the resurrection of our King, our Lord and Savior. He died once and for all our sins. Jeremiah 1:5 says, God knew us before we were in our mothers womb. Yes we are part of the reason Jesus died on the cross. It isn't a fairy tale or old fictional story, it really happened and was prophesied many centuries before in the Bible. (Isaiah 53) Isn't it wonderful to know that "God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16. nkjv
Jesus IS the Way!
When we look back at the previous year there are certain things that stood out for us.
One of my favorite times was the Men's Retreat of 2021. A time when Christian men came together and shared a little bit of their lives and testimonies with each other. This year was even better than the last retreat. I believe it was because I got to reunite with friends and brothers I met last year. It was as if it was a family reunion. Men coming together in love and friendship, sharing in the Lord and His Word. The downside to the retreat was saying our goodbyes after 3 days of fellowship. But till we meet again we can reflect back on the memories we have made. We traveled there with Jesus in our midst. We left there with a renewing of strength, wisdom, and knowledge and Jesus in our hearts. Where two or more are gathered, Jesus is in or midst.
This Sunday is Palm Sunday and next Sunday Easter Sunday. Let us not forget what Christ has done for each of us. He gave His all for you and me. He has offered eternal life to us if we will accept Him as our Lord and Savior. Heaven and Hell are real. With Jesus eternal life and heaven. Without Jesus eternal life in Hell. Jesus is the Way the Truth, and life. Amen.
April 7, 2022
God is our Source
Father God, You are the only source of real healing and health. Trusting You produces the only lasting peace and satisfaction. Walking close to You day by day is the best source of our strength there is. When we give all of our hearts to You, we can avoid doubt through those emotional and health pitfalls, remembering that through You we can enjoy the abundant life Jesus came to give. Lord we give to You those things we don't understand and in faith knowing and praying Your will in every circumstance of our lives, We love and trust in You, Amen. Isaiah 55:8-9
Hardships -
Concerning this hardship, I pleaded with the Lord three times that it might depart from me. And He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you for My strength is made perfect in weakness. "Therefore most gladly I rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong." II Corinthians 12:8-10
February 7, 2022
Second Chances
How can you love a liar? How can you love a thief? How can you love a murderer? How can you love a racist? How can you love backbiters? How can you love gossips? How can you love hypocrites? Jesus loves them, He gave His life for them. As Christians we are called to imitate Christ in everything we do. This world has many challenges. But with Jesus Spirit living in us we can be more than conquerors through Christ. Yesterday is history, we cannot change that. But today is another day to live for Christ and set a good example for others to follow. He ask that we do our best, He will do the rest. Heavenly Father, Thank You for being a God of Second Chances. Help us Father as we follow in Your foot steps, to be more like You each day. Amen.

November 24, 2021
I still break out in tears of joy every time I drive up to the gate of the Church. I remember the day God spoke to me in my heart and soul and said this will be the place where my Church will meet. I broke down and the Spirit of God was all over me. It was a miracle the way everything happened the way it did and continues. God has been so wonderful sending everything and the people we need at the right time to spread His Word.
Satan has tried many times to wage war as he has in all Churches but God has always won the battles because of faith and commitment of His followers that have put Him first in their lives.
The Church is built on the solid rock of faith and service. We have never taken our eyes off of why we are here. It is about serving God and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been so honored blessed to pastor this Church. Thank You Jesus and His faithful servants.
July 21, 2021
God Will Make A Way!
I want to share this with you this morning ... We sing this beautiful song at church ... read the words and think about it ...
God Will Make A Way, written by Don Moen
God will make a way ... where there seems to be no way.
He works in ways we cannot see ... He will make a way for me.
He will be my guide, hold me closely to His side.
With love and strength for each new day, He will make a way.
He will make a way.
By a roadway in the wilderness, He'll lead me, and rivers in the desert will I see.
Heaven and Earth will fade, but His Word will still remain,
And He will do something new today.
Oh, God will make a way!
This song means so much to so many people. I sat down and put scriptures to the song. I hope you enjoy the scriptures and what God is telling us through each verse.
God will make a way where there seems to be no way (Isaiah 41:10)
He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way for me (Isaiah 55:8)
He will be my guide, hold me closely to His side (Psalm 139:10)
With love and strength for each new day (Psalm 59:17)
By a roadway in the wilderness He'll lead me ... Rivers in the desert I will see. (Isaiah 43:18-19)
Heaven & Earth will fade, but His Word will still remain and He will do something new today. (Matthew 24:25)
These verses are part of the song. They give us the assurance that God is with us always and will provide His protection and love. God bless you all and have a wonderful day. Let our lights shine in a dark world.
July 13, 2021
Spiritual Hunger
I personally have a special place in my heart for missionaries. They sacrifice so much in reaching out to others. What wonderful devoted people they are. 
I'm very blessed to know a couple that reach out every year to families in Uganda.  This last trip over one thousand souls were given through salvation to our Lord. 
People there are spiritually hungry. They're open to receive God. God manifests Himself for those that are truly hungry for  Him. Some ask, "Why doesn't God manifest Himself more in their lives here."  Here is a simple answer that question. Many aren't hungry (sincere) enough. We have our hands out, but don't know how to receive His blessings. 
God wants a real relationship with us, not just a date night. We should be continually growing in Christ, submerged in His love and presence. This is so easy to do. Open your Bible and step in to His spiritual presence and receive the Knowledge and Wisdom He so eagerly wants to give us.  God Bless!
June 16, 2021
The Joy of The Holy Spirit is Found From Within
I recently had the pleasure of going to a Christian Men's Retreat. I enjoyed the time of fellowship with other brothers I knew and meeting new Christian brothers too. One thing we all had in common there was the Holy Spirit. He lives in each of us. We each experienced the inter-joy of His presence in our lives. Our time of fellowship together just sitting around sharing in love and testimony, strengthened our love for the Lord and what we were called to do. When we stay in His Word daily and in communication with our Lord in prayer, our spirits remain full. The Word says do not look either to the left or right, but always keep our eyes on Jesus and the path where Jesus leads us. If we do this, our lives will be enriched beyond measure. I don't like the word "fix" myself, because it reminds me of my old self. I was always looking for a "fix" to get me spiritually high. "Fixes" don't last long. I was needing a repair. Jesus is in the repair business. He repaired my heart and soul. Through His love and compassion, He taught me so much. I can have a constant spiritual high through His Spirit that lives in me. He alone is sufficient ... everything else I receive connected with His love are bonuses of a reminder that He is real and here with me.
I love singing spiritual lifting songs and hymns. They are uplifting and beautiful. KSBJ is wonderful! They are the icing on the cake of my Spiritual walk in Christ. But they are just a bonus of the spiritual high I have already received in my relationship with Christ.
Stay high in Christ, reading His Word and in meditation and prayer. It will enrich your life!
April 20, 2021
The Best Gift
Wishing everyone a Blessed Resurrection Sunday. Because of our beloved Heavenly Father, we are given the "Best Gift" anyone could ever receive - His Son Jesus Christ. John 3:16. Jesus death and resurrection is so special. He died once and forever for our sins. His resurrection claims victory over death and defeat over Satan. We all have the opportunity to live in victory through Christ. I thank our Lord every day for the Mercy, Grace, Love, and Compassion He continues to show us. I pray that as we walk with Christ every day, that people see Christ in each of us. Marty, Hazel and I, wish you all a wonderful Easter Sunday. Hope to see you in church!
April 2, 2021
I was working on my sermon this week & God put something on my mind .... contentment! Contentment is all about attitude. Something many of us need to work on. We have all seen how children cling to their parents and feel protected, knowing mommy or daddy will guard them against anything that may hurt them. They are content in their parents arms. It should also be the same way with us believers in Christ. We should understand, Jesus does the same. We should be content in the Lord. God loves us so much and has done so many things for us each day. We need to remind ourselves what God has done for us. We do not deserve anything, yet God has promised us a blessing ... eternal life with Him. I'm content knowing this even though I do not deserve it. But I'm working on my attitude, praying it is one that pleases our Lord Jesus. How about you?
March 23, 2021
Burdens or Blessings
The people who know Marty and I, know we have raised our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and provided a home for many relatives from time to time. I hear this said a lot "Oh you poor folks ... I don't know how you do it". First, we don't do it on our own. In reality, we are only servants, called for a time, in doing what God has called us to do. Instead of a burden, it's a blessing. Is it sometimes overwhelming? Well, we like to think of it as standing strong with God during the trials and tribulations we sometimes face. We don't feel cheated from not being able to do some things many other people do. Instead, we understand that one day when our Lord carries us home, the Joys of Heaven will far exceed those things here on earth. We look at what has been given us to do by the Lord as a blessing because He knew He could trust us to serve Him and do His will. Jesus Christ has done so much for each of us. So much that He took our place on the cross for our sins. God sends things our way at times, I believe, to see just how we handle them. Do we look at some things as a burden or maybe are they something we can learn from that will make us better servants of the lord? Just maybe your burden is really going to turn into a blessing if you trust God!
March 12, 2021
Asleep At The Wheel?
Sometimes we seem to fall asleep at the wheel. How many times have you started out traveling somewhere and soon your thoughts drift off in another direction. You may be thinking about business, family, health, vacation or any number of things. You look up from your thoughts and think to yourself, wow, I don't remember traveling this far already. I don't recall traveling along those busy roads and through those intersections." What about the traffic lights. I don't remember those either. We have let our thoughts temporarily separate us from the reality of what we were doing and our surroundings. In this case, driving to our destination could have serious consequences. It's the same way sometimes in our relationship with Jesus, letting other things and thoughts interfere, taking our minds off our Lord. Jesus has never once let anything stand in the way of His love and compassion for us. We are always on His mind. Satan tries to confuse and disrupt our relationship with Jesus. He throws his fiery darts in many different ways. Things that look good and enjoyable ... but anything that takes us away from our time and devotion to the Lord is not good, nor is it from the Lord. Soon our commitment to Jesus isn't what it was before. We tend to daydream and let our thoughts separate us from Him. Stay focused, spend more time in God's Word. Get involved in the Church and activities that are centered around growing in Christ. Wake up every morning, putting Him first in your life through prayer. The last thing before retiring for the night, thanking Him for His love, mercy, grace and protection. Make Jesus Number One in your life. Have a blessed day!
March 3, 2021
Bible Study Class - New Series
Wednesday March 10th our 6:30 pm Bible Study Class will be starting a new series, "Characters of the Old and New Testament." It will be a open class with a lot of discussion. Pastor Charlie will introduce each character and then we will explore their place in Biblical history. This class will help us understand how God has called us all into His servant-hood. God has something for all of us to do. This will be a interesting and exciting class. It will improve our thinking and knowledge skills. Special thanks to the teachers who have taught Wednesday night Bible Study previously, Ray McCoppin and Associate Pastor, Scott Carter. Each teacher brought their special skills, knowledge and wisdom of the studies they taught making the Bible Classes interesting and informative. We are blessed to have men and women who teach different classes in the church. Each person brings something new to the classes they teach. We use those skills to strengthen our personal lives and help others to better understand the Word of God. What an exciting experience, receiving the Word and being able to share it with others.
March 3, 2021